Jürgen Todenhöfer’s (JT) Mendacious Pacifism



The following text was published by Jürgen Hodentöter (*) on his Facebook page on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at about 8 pm. The same text appeared at about the same time on his homepage as well.

(*)(Todenhöfer – Hodentöter is a play on words, just by twisting and changing some letters of the name Todenhöfer. The medical translation is testicle killer, his aka in German language countries)

Dear friends, no government in the whole world has the right to take away the Muslim Palestinians‘ free access to the Al Aqsa Mosque and to the Dome of the Rock – to „Haram ash-Sharif“, their „Noble Sanctuary“. The symbol of their national and religious dignity. Everything was taken from the Palestinians: their homeland, their freedom, their human rights. Will it soon also include their historical meeting place with God?

I wrote large parts of my book „You Shall Not Kill“ near the Mount of Olives, in the Garden of Gethsemane. It is an appeal to all sides. Beyond the shade of the age-old olive trees, I looked up to the blue sky over the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque – the symbols of Islam, which can be compared only to Mecca and Medina. In the direction of that holy hill which the West and Israel call „The Temple Mount“. Dark clouds are now gathering, because Israel has been incessantly, increasingly, systematically and provocatively grasping at the Muslims‘ holy sites. Can Netanyahu not see the thunderstorm coming? Does he not understand that he has just kicked a humiliated people even deeper into the dust of hopelessness? That the escalating violence is a consequence of the Palestinians‘ complete loss of rights and humiliation? There will be peace in Israel and the occupied territories only if Netanyahu puts an end to Israel’s occupation policy which is in violation of international law. If he respects the Palestinians‘ right to their own State, and their right to free access to „Haram Ash-Sharif“.

Nations of the world, look at that city! Help me defend the rights of the Palestinians. Yours, JT

 It is followed by a picture entitled „To our politicians. Do not leave the Palestinians alone once again“, that shows photos of thousands of Muslims praying outside the Temple Mount. They refused to pass through control through the security gates. At the airport, in train stations, in big malls, as well as in Mecca and Medina, they accept it without any discussion. But not in Israel.


The second photo shows the empty Temple Mount. After the short lock-out of only two days, nobody was refused access, but the Grand Mufti, the Waqf bailiffs and other agitators have called for a boycott, which the Muslims of course followed without any criticism. The third photo shows demonstrators being dispersed by the police. When looking at the picture one immediately notices that Photoshop was used to make it look more dramatic, which is somehow legitimate, isn’t it?

The controls had been put in place after three Muslim terrorists had insidiously attacked and murdered two Druze border policemen. Their weapons had been left beforehand in the Al-Aksa Mosque by an accomplice, as proven by a police surveillance video. They came to kill, to kill Jews.

As did the 20-year old Omar al-Abed, who last Friday, one week after the terror act in Jerusalem, infiltrated a house in Halamish and killed three people. One woman survived and is recovering. Her daughter was able to find shelter with her children. He had also come to kill Jews. Shortly before, he had posted on Facebook:  I have many dreams and aspirations, I hope that with Allah’s help my dreams will come true. I’ve loved life, loved making people smile, but what kind of life is this? They (the Jews) kill our women and young people. They soil Al-Aqsa while we stay asleep.“  (attention, upsetting photos).

Or as happened today, when a 21-year old man living illegally in Israel, stabbed and injured a man. When first questioned by the police he declared: „I did it for Al-Aqsa“. He also came to kill Jews.

How does JT write in his post?: “Because Israel has been incessantly, increasingly, systematically and provocatively grasping at the Muslims‘ holy sites.“ He forgets, as do the Muslims, that in 1967, after reconquering Jerusalem, Israel freely, and as a sign of good will, gave Jordan and the Waqf supreme control of the Temple Mount. Agreements should be respected. Netanyahu knows it, the entire government knows it, and all Israelis know it, though sometimes reluctantly. Consequently, we are certainly trying to avoid a modification of the status quo.

If the numbers are correct, JT’s post received 9,854 likes in the first three hours, it was shared 3,596 times and commented on 514 times. The comments are a mixture of pure antisemitism, strictly right-wing propaganda, left-wing agreement, and – very rarely – defense of Israel.

Screenshot 2017-07-24 10.35.58

JT repeatedly showed himself to be the perfect enemy of Israel. Time and again, he visited Gaza, once with his son, once with his daughter, mostly with his assistant. When allegedly neither Egypt nor Israel allowed him to travel there, he chose a tunnel in Egypt, in order to reach Gaza. Of course, this was filmed and posted in a journalistic manner. One of the best-known pictures from the time after the last Gaza operation shows him amidst the bombed houses. His face is probably creased by sorrow, but we do not see that. He may be smiling, happy to have succeeded his coup. As a perfect director, he shows clean toys that were displayed, as if freshly washed and spotlessly intact.


In the following video, please listen carefully to the text starting at 3:57.

This is the Todenhöfer way, to present his own truth – as the truth.

On March 12, 2016, he wrote in Facebook: „The inhabitants of Gaza live in the biggest concentration camp in the world. Visitors must clench their teeth, so as not to start crying about the level of poverty, suffering and hopelessness. This hypocritical world should be damned! Speaking about human rights but treating people in Gaza like animals; their politicians are too spineless to say that keeping an entire nation in a cage is a crime“.

Originally, his political homeland was the extreme right wing of the CSU party, he was a member of the Bundestag from 1972 to 1990 – a hardliner with ultra-conservative opinions. From 1987 to 2008, he was a member of the board of the conservative right-wing Burda Publishing House. Since the beginning of this year, he is the editor of the left-wing weekly, „Der Freitag“ (whose publisher is Jakob Augstein). This political balancing act is expressed in his being non-committal, in his deep-felt desire to serve all his followers – those to the right as well as those to the left.

In 2014, he traveled to Afghanistan, lived in Mosul for 10 days and came back to Germany unharmed, which is actually impossible. He was promised security by the ISIS leadership, which is unusual with this band of murderers. In Mosul, he interviewed Abu Qatadah, one of the ISIS extremists. He is German and was born in Solingen as Christian Emde. That was where he was living until he encountered the entourage of the extremist preacher of hate, Pierre Vogel, leaving Germany for Syria in 2012. The interview was absurd. JT gladly leaves the stage to the ISIS propagandist. Nothing much new is learned. Still JT describes him in the video as: „a highly intelligent dogmatist, ideologue, well read, absolutely brutal, completely unteachable and 100% convinced that he is doing the right thing.“ How he could observe that in such a short interview is incomprehensible to me. This again is the truth according to JT. „For me, Abu Qatadah’s ideas have nothing to do with the merciful Islam represented by 99.9 percent of our Muslim co-citizens“. As written on his Facebook page.

JT is always rushing between the war zones of the Near and Middle East. Sometimes he spends the income from the sales of one of his books here, sometimes there. Cameras are always present.

His perception of events becomes increasingly more vague. When Hamas continually puts explosives on the back of animals and uses them as armament, JT uses this for the story of Israel’s disproportional battle against poor unarmed people.

He generously grants Israel the right to defend itself „against the senseless shootings of Hamas and other resistance groups“, thereby serving the old stereotype that Hamas‘ weapons are nothing more than fireworks good for New Year’s Eve. Still, those „fireworks” have meanwhile reached a range of over 100 km! And in the meantime, it is well known that Hamas is not a resistance group. Hamas is a terrorist organization whose aim is the destruction of Israel.

How cynical JT’s advice to trust our Iron Dome and leave our shelters that are 15 seconds away. He says no other measures need to be taken.

If you ever wondered what the tunnels in Gaza are used for, here comes the truth according to JT!

„The people of Gaza have started digging tunnels into the neighboring countries like moles, in order to inhale freedom for a few days or a few hours, from time to time,” he writes. „So as not to always live like subhuman beings, they have gone underground.“

JT should not only be banned from traveling to Gaza through Egypt or Israel. He should be issued a life-long ban on entry and residence. We most certainly do not need people like him here.

This is a most interesting article from last week. Muslim self-racism: The ‘low expectations syndrome’


©Esther Scheiner, Israel

©translated by: Translation International, Herzliya


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