Chosen and excluded, Part II (Europe and the UNWRA)


1.Part: Europe

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The Jews are guilty of almost everything, including the sinking of the Titanic. The Titanic? But that was an iceberg. Iceberg – Rosenberg – Goldberg, it is all the same. The film begins with this cheap word game, with this well-known association. The statement behind it: Jews are not even worth remembering their name. Or: That sounds Jewish, so he/she must be a Jew.

Screenshot 2017-06-13 17.09.29PA President Abbas before the European Parliament in June 2016: “… but as soon as this occupation ends, the excuses will disappear, then terrorism, violence and extremism all over the world and the Middle East, also in Europe and the rest of the world, shall end. (…) A week ago, rabbis in Israel called on their government to poison our water. And kill Palestinians. Is that not a clear incitement to mass murder? Of the Palestinian people?“

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European Parliament Chairman, Martin Schulz, running to be the next chancellor (SPD) in Germany,  must have liked it, he already had a problem with the water in Israel, as he twitters afterwards.


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Two days later Abbas was forced to admit to having been misinformed. But in the minds of the people, his words, which had led to standing ovations in the EU Parliament, remained, anchored in their original form. For those who want to interpret it literally, the logical conclusion is: If only the Palestinians finally get what they want, peace will prevail world-wide. If the Jews did not exist in the Middle East, or if there was no Jewish state at all, peace would reign in the region.

Screenshot 2017-06-13 17.48.48On the occasion of the Evangelical Church Day in Stuttgart in 2015, one of the pro-Palestinian activists said with excitement: „The water supply in Gaza was purposefully destroyed. That is also against international law, it is forbidden to do this. Gaza really does not have means of support anymore. Israel causes damage to itself when it brings all the chemicals, tons, tons, hundreds of thousands of tons to that sea. The Mediterranean. And that moves on. There is toxic material in it, you know. It is also highly dangerous for everyone!” The woman, who so emphatically airs her accusation against Israel, could almost refer to the speech made by Abbas before the EU Parliament, had it not been held a year later. She is well educated, and strongly indoctrinated.

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Berlin, Reichstag Demonstration. This is where all of those people gathered. People who nobody outside of their group wants to confront. New rightists, frustrated leftists, political esoterics, neo-Nazis. Jürgen Elsässer, who began his political activist career as a journalist in a moderately leftist newspaper, moved to the extreme left in 2003. In a 180° turnaround, he moved to the right in 2009 and from there to the extreme right and is presently a member of the German Alternative Party (AfD). Besides the publication of vulgar political writings, he also published clearly anti-Semitic writings.

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During his performance, he is accompanied by people who roar the Hitler greeting: „We are the people“, and wave the Nazi war flag. His doctrine creed at this meeting is easy to summarize: „This (whatever that may be) is not a matter of left or right. It is a matter of common sense, of the patriots. We must defend ourselves against Islamization, Israelization and Americanization.”

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A Pro-Palestine Event in Berlin. Here, finally, the long-awaited concepts are heard: Zionism = money, mafia – the secret meetings of the Bilderbergs – behind the US stands another power – as yet everything that is written in the Protocols has proven itself quite well. (In the „Secret Meetings“, there was a description of how the takeover of world dominance was to occur). This perfidious hateful writing is a clear fabrication. In the Weimar Republic, it became a bestseller, and in the Nazi schools it was compulsory reading. A nice young man does not let himself become confused: „Even if it was only fabricated, someone had cool thoughts, he was a good prophet.“ After all, Hamas quotes the Protocols in their statutes. The young man describes himself as a libertarian.

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At another event in Germany, Fuad Afane is allowed to speak: „I am a confessed anti-Zionist, I want to help you dispel your fear. Do not let yourself be exploited. Freedom for Palestine and also for the German people!“ He is announced by a toothless activist tiger: „This is Fuad Afane from Palestine.“ Fuad Afane does not live in Palestine any more than the man on the moon lives in the moon. He may be a Palestinian, but he was born and grew up in West Berlin. Here he is allowed to chant „Zionism is fascism“ – without punishment or impediments. On his Facebook page, there is a photo of his passport which is now invalid. On it, one sees the entrance stamp to the Ben Gurion airport, marked „Entry denied“. He claims that the entry ban is in effect for a lifetime and he will try to enter the country by land via Jordan. More information about this dangerous arsonist can be found here:

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Change of location. May 15th, Nakba Day in Berlin. His t-shirt shows what he stands for: Artists for Palestine. In the background, among the countless Palestinian flags, a BDS poster is conspicuously displayed with pictures. The artist’s message is: „Anne Frank would have been on the street for our sake today. Against racism and against Israeli politics. Pro-Palestine is left, against imperialism is left. Today, we are the leftists here in Germany, the ones who are working for Palestine. We must fight the ideology that says that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.

Screenshot 2017-06-13 18.40.38A still hesitant student, still holding a coiled Palestinian flag, would like to explain: „Zionism is first and foremost the nationalism of the Israeli government.“ Her friend, obviously only at the beginning of his activist career, goes a step further: „The government demands a declaration of religion, all Jews are a nation, and that is how its nationalist character has come about.“ Two others, one of them is still shy and has her face pixelated are convinced: „Israel is either the instrument of the United States, or the other way around.“ „I think that Israel exerts influence regarding what is to be done and what will happen.“ „Many say yes, David against Goliath, but I think it is about self-determination against imperialist power.“ „For us, Israel is clearly a construct of imperialism, deliberately supported and maintained by imperialism, to create a base for American and European imperialism. We need a revolution of the Palestinian and the Israeli proletariat together, in order to realize the right of return by means of multi-ethnic workers in a socialist state.”


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Back to the Evangelical Church Day. Merry, colorful activity, the hallelujah ascending to the blue sky. Perhaps this was meant to somewhat lessen the harshness of the exhibition, which impressively tries to demonstrate the fate of the expelled Palestinians and their descendants. It could also be called “The Culture of Refugees and Reinterpretation of History” and not „Without Homeland„. As usual, nothing is said about the fact that an approximately equal number of Jews were expelled from their Arab homelands. They had to leave behind their property. No one speaks of a right of return. Is this hushed up, only because they were integrated very quickly and completely into the young Israeli society?

On the church day, dozens of NGOs are regular guests, lovingly devoted to the welfare of the Palestinians.

Where do these organizations obtain their funds? The funds are supplied by the churches and also by us, the taxpayers. Especially active are the ladies of the German-Palestinian Women’s Association. On its homepage, detailed information about the association and its projects is displayed. It seems striking to me that the Palestinian women they serve, live exclusively in Judea and Samaria, as well as Gaza – while the former Palestinians who live in Israel do not need their help, they are Israelis. But what about the others? They live for instance in Jordan, Egypt and in Syria. By ostracizing these people, EDP is exposed as a political organization and not as a humanitarian one. The activists were equipped with EAPPI vests and shirts. This organization also defines itself as a humanitarian NGO. A look at its homepage helps to find a redefined and more objective standpoint here too.

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Partners of EAPPI are, among others, UNICEF, UNWRA, B’tselem, Rabbis for Human Rights, Machsom Watch, Breaking the Silence, Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, Alternative Tourism Group.

The numerous NGOs are also funded by Bread for the World, Pax Christi, World Vision, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Medico International, FDIH , partly under Palestinian and partly under Israeli leadership.

In Israel, there are 398 NGOs, the figures from Judea and Samaria, and also from Gaza are not known. Figures from 2012 indicate more than 1,000, with headquarters in Ramallah. EAPPI does not publish its budget, NGO Monitor considers it one of the main supporters of boycott activities. EAPPI distributes funds to organizations that support the boycott of Israel. Untrustworthy theories are being circulated: „Israel supports apartheid, like South Africa did in the past; Israel kills children out of revenge; Israelis put knives alongside dead Palestinians to feign a terrorist act.”

Faced with these accusations, one woman can hardly hold back her tears, because „this is so great a burden for her to bear.“ „Actually, they do what they experienced themselves. In this obsession, they adopt the psyche of a victim. The victim role has dug itself deeply into their souls, and now, in this generation, maybe it is being misused. I am also sorry for the Israelis, we are not those who incite against Israel, we do not begrudge them their own state, but we do not want them to saw off the branch they sit on the way they do.“ Isn’t there some linguistic confusion here?

In 2015, Bread for the World paid € 5,600,000 for projects in Israel, Judea and Samaria; whether they were also active in Gaza, is unknown.

Between 2013 and 2015, € 800,000 went to B’tselem which, interviewed by Tuvia Tenenbom, expressed the opinion that the Holocaust was an invention of the Jews.

According to estimates, the EU, European governments and churches, as well as UN-sponsored UN organizations, donate € 100,000,000 annually to political NGOs in Israel, which are mostly hostile toward Israel. The share of the FRG is about €10,000,000 annually. No one knows exactly how much money is donated to the NGOs in the PA areas.

In 2014, the EU transfers € 307,000,000 of taxpayers’ money to the PA, most of which comes from Germany, which provides an additional € 143,000,000.

€ 440,000 comes from the USA, while many millions from the Gulf States and other Muslim countries are not taken into account here. Year after year. No one, anywhere in the world, receives more per capita than the 4.6 million Palestinians in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria.

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Meanwhile, Apartheid Weeks are now taking place worldwide. BDS is trying to open a new frontline by linking the fate of the Palestinians to that of blacks in the US. In Zurich, demonstrations were held with the goal of excluding the Israeli Football Association from FIFA, as requested by Palestine, with the help of BDS. One female activist has unfortunately chosen the wrong headgear for this event. BPS Switzerland, was written on it, an advertisement for a bank located in Ticino. But after all, the event is about gunfire, and this she has somehow internalized, even if misinterpreted. „Sometimes you do not know where the first shot comes from when it is fired at night. It is fired from the vicinity. But no one knows if this is a Palestinian, or a hidden Israeli or a Palestinian, who was forced to shoot so that Israel can shoot back.”

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A young man who has obviously traveled to Zurich from its northern neighbor country said in excitement: „So, if you refer to Israel as an Apartheid state, you are offending any South African. For as bad as the Israelis deal with the Palestinians, there is no comparison. I’ll give you a comparison! In which country are rockets simply fired at helpless people who live in an open-air prison?“ UNWRA only admitted to the fact that there were, and still are, tunnels between the buildings of the UNWRA, just a few days ago. The launching bases are meticulously documented, and also that shots were always aimed exactly at the place where the first shot came from. Those people are helpless, yes, that must be admitted. This is certainly the case when they were dragged by Hamas to rooftops of houses to serve as human shields – knowing that the IAF would try to stop any attack to avoid civilian casualties. But this does not fit the world view of those who are so passionately anti-Israel. Nevertheless, Hamas is still downplayed as an innocent resistance movement.

2. Part: UNWRA

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It is a unique phenomenon that the Palestinian refugees have been supported by UNWRA for 70 years, with a budget of € 1.36 billion in 2106. Nevertheless, there are not enough classrooms. Teaching must be done in shifts. UNWRA is the second-largest employer after the PA, employing almost 30,000 people. Nearly all of them are Palestinians. Only a small part of the budget flows directly to the needy.

The UNWRA spokesman, Adna Abu Hasna answers the question regarding where the money from the richly filled coffers has flowed to. „Yes, that is a big question. In 2014, after the Gaza war, we at UNWRA asked for $ 724 million. Unfortunately, we received only 1/3 of the money so far. The shortage of money, building materials, the blockade, the illegal blockade, and access in and out of Gaza, are a big problem for everyone. The solution is very complicated.”

Faced with the conditions in a refugee camp which, quote, ‘looks like a big piece of shit’, he puts the accusations aside with a smile. Also, the question of the corruption within Hamas, UNWRA or a third party which has not yet been mentioned, cannot erase the smile, on the contrary. He describes UNWRA’s well-functioning checkpoints; and therefore, UNWRA cannot be corrupt. However, he suggests that it is the political solution that has become corrupt. A political solution is impossible. UNWRA receives its money exclusively from donor countries, primarily, the EU. There is no supervisory board. The staff workers are almost exclusively locals. Because UNWRA hands over the management of funds to the refugee camp on the spot, it loses all control over the use of that money. Funds for medicine, relief services, social services, food etc. go to the local authorities and from there its tracks are lost.

3. Part – back to France

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In 2014, during the Gaza War, anti-Israel events took place throughout Europe. In France, the first flags were burned and the first synagogues were attacked. Since then, the security measures for Jewish buildings have been strengthened. Sarcelles near Paris was considered a showpiece. Jews, Christians and Muslims lived there together without problems. Until a few years ago, Muslim gangs began to make trouble. Meanwhile, the situation has escalated to such an extent that young [Jewish] people spend most of their spare time inside the schoolyard and hope soon to be able to emigrate with their parents. Where will they emigrate? At least one of them is quite clear about this: „To Netanya, it’s like Paris!”


© esther scheiner, israel

© translated by: Translation International, Herzlyia



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