Sabre Rattling and Morning Dawn against Terror


Forget everything you heard about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel has been the scapegoat that must pay for the fact that within Islam, two feuding groups have been confronting each other without any possible solution: the Sunnis and the Shiites. Both sides have unlimited reserves of accusations and insinuations demonizing Israel. The general belief is that without the Jewish State, there would only be peace in the entire region.

I shall not explain in detail the differences and the commonalities between Sunnis and Shiites, this is a tremendously vast field!

Around the world, approximately 90% of Muslims belong to the Sunni denomination. The majority of Shiites live in Iran, Bahrain and Azerbaijan. They comprise large parts of the population in Lebanon, Yemen, Kuwait, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

grün sunniten rot schiietn balu ibaditen Oman


A majority of Shiites believe that the 12th Imam, the Mahdi, who disappeared in 941 CE, will come back at the end of time as the Savior. This belief is so strong that the Government of Iran is only a deputy government and has stated this even in its Constitution.

„In the Islamic Republic Iran, during the absence of the 12th Iman (may God hasten his reappearance), the mission and authority of leadership in matters of the Islamic community devolve upon the just and pious, who is fully aware of the circumstances of his age; courageous, resourceful, and possessed of administrative ability, will assume the …“. 

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic Iran, 1979 (article 5)

The terrible omens by which the 12th Imam will introduce the End of Time can be examined here.

Tradition has it that Shiites, who yearn for this event to take place as soon as possible, can shorten the remaining time by bringing about the big final battle. This yearning is reflected in Iran’s policy. The aim of their efforts is the complete destruction of Israel.

This type of cult is not found among the Sunnis. They prefer the idea of the Caliphate, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demonstrated to us with his policy for months.

A few weeks ago, President Trump made a speech in Riyadh, which may serve as a small piece of the puzzle in understanding present events.

[…] “Young Muslim boys and girls should be able to grow up free from fear, safe from violence, and innocent of hatred.

And young Muslim men and women should have the chance to build a new era of prosperity for themselves and their peoples.

God’s help, this summit will mark the beginning of the end for those who practice terror and spread its vile creed. At the same time, we pray this special gathering may someday be remembered as the beginning of peace in the Middle East – and maybe, even all over the world.

But this future can only be achieved through defeating terrorism and the ideology that drives it.[…]

The true toll of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and so many others, must be counted not only in the number of dead. It must also be counted in generations of vanished dreams.

Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death. […]

If we do not act against this organized terror, then we know what will happen. Terrorism’s devastation of life will continue to spread. Peaceful societies will become engulfed by violence. And the futures of many generations will be sadly squandered. […]

It is a choice between two futures – and it is a choice America CANNOT make for you. […]

A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and extremists. Drive. Them. Out. DRIVE THEM OUT of your places of worship. DRIVE THEM OUT of your communities. DRIVE THEM OUT of your holy land, and DRIVE THEM OUT OF THIS EARTH. […]

As we deny terrorist organizations control of territory and populations, we must also strip them of their access to funds. We must cut off the financial channels that let ISIS sell oil, let extremists pay their fighters, and help terrorists smuggle their reinforcements.

I am proud to announce that the nations here today will be signing an agreement to prevent the financing of terrorism, called the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center – co-chaired by the United States and Saudi Arabia, and joined by every member of the Gulf Cooperation Council. It is another historic step in a day that will be long remembered. […]


Those words were a follow-up to deeds. Trump was granted the honor of dancing the most famous dance in Arab countries with representatives of the Al Saud family: The Dance of the Sabre. He was not very good at it, he did not really succeed in swinging the sabre. But at least it brought a smile to Melania’s face, something we regrettably did not see very often during their visit to the Middle East.

Only a few days later, some wonderful things happened, in particular in the Orient, but also in Europe.

Denmark froze the substantial amount of US$ eight million intended for 24 Palestinian and pro-Palestinians NGOs. An unnamed amount was also terminated, which had been intended for the Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WTAC). This was in reaction to the fact that the money would not have reached the above-named projects, but were earmarked to go to a Youth Center named Dalal Mughrabi. In 1978, Mughrabi, at the age of 19, was one of the 11 terrorists who killed 38 and injured 76 more during the Coastal Road Attack of 1978.

Denmark is now demanding the return of an additional US$ 500,000 that were already paid.

Norway and the UN have also demanded the return of money already paid and requested that the logo of the Norwegian representation office already affixed to the building be immediately removed.

Immediately after his entry into office, President Donald Trump cancelled the US$ 221 million which President Obama had ordered to be transferred at the end of his term at the White House. They have been freed by USAID to be distributed among humanitarian and infrastructure projects in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Reports from the USA say there is no new date for their payment.

After the PA paid out approximately 1.12 billion euros in „charity“ – in other words, support for terrorists and their families – during the last four years, it now seems that a new way of thinking is slowly taking shape. Starting one week ago, money is no longer paid to 270 former Palestinian prisoners living in the Gaza Strip. Moreover, five terrorists who are still in prison in Israel no longer receive any support, nor do 47 Hamas employees living in Samaria and Judea. Nothing is known about the background. It was apparently only a technical error and the money was paid later. This is at least what Maan News has reported, although it has not been confirmed by the Israelis. Today, Sunday, July 11, the Knesset is scheduled to vote on a new procedure making it possible not to transfer or to transfer to the PA significantly reduced custom duties collected by Israel. This is in reaction to the fact that it has become ever more evident that this money was used to pay terrorists and their families so-called „charity“.

The current reality is that the Palestinian Authority not only rewards the murder of Jews, but also encourages it. The more you murder, the more you get. That is how their reward system is built. This must be stopped not only because it is immoral, but also because it is an obstacle to peace on both sides.“

And then the big bang: a completely new alliance, which until recently would have been inconceivable, seems to be in a emergent state. Exactly as suggested by Trump in his speech – I purposely avoid the word „demanded“.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and, only hours later, also Yemen froze their relations with Qatar. The Maldives joined the boycott against the very rich tiny state on the Arab Gulf. Mauritania and Jordan followed one day later.


The consequences for the country which can no longer be reached by land are numerous. Qatar Airlines, one of the world’s luxury airlines, is being boycotted internationally and has been grounded. Air space over the neighboring countries is mostly closed to incoming and departing flights. The airlines of the countries participating in the boycott no longer fly to Doha. Doha’s super modern airport is considered to be the turnstile of air travel in the Near and Middle East.


What is the reason for this apparently sudden and completely unexpected boycott? Qatar has long been considered the principal country supporting terror and extremism. There is active political terror tourism between Doha and Gaza. All Hamas executives who could afford to leave Gaza’s sadness far behind are living a life of incredible luxury in Doha. Tailor-made summer suits simply look better in the luxurious environment on the Arab Gulf than in dusty Gaza. There, one would have to admit to preaching water and drinking wine. In Doha, one is among friends.

This has now come to an end. Qatar has to defend itself and is currently alternately blaming Israel and/or the USA for being the cause of their dilemma. Fake news. Nothing else. Only the Qataris are at fault. And since in principle they have to admit this themselves, they are now expelling many Hamas leaders as soon as possible. Popular and welcome guests have become personae non gratae. Citizens of other countries have been given up to two weeks to leave the country.

Attempts are being made to deescalate the situation. The food reserve is sufficient for more than a year. Prices are stable and the Government has taken all measures necessary for supplying the needs of the population.


Does this mean that everything is okay on the Arab Gulf? Qatar is preparing for the 2022 Soccer World Championship. Although they won the tender, things have not worked out well to date, not to mention the justified criticisms regarding the construction and preparation work.


Five years are a long time for someone who decides to grow daisies. But for a project worth billions, five years are nothing.

In light of the principle that everyone should be given the opportunity to achieve something seemingly impossible, I will mention the Saudis once again. In April, the country that does not believe in women’s rights was elected to the UN Commission on Women’s Rights. This choice – understandably – sparked an unprecedented political whirlpool. And currently, the Saudis are scheduled to become a partner, a partner against terrorism. When weighing the values against each other, in my opinion, the fight against terrorism is of greater importance. This is what has been threatening us all worldwide and on a daily basis. This is what must be fought against.

The following video illustrates a humoristic aspect of the subject of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

P.S. As we learned only last weekend, during the course of the extension jobs in two schools in the Gaza Strip, UNWRA discovered underground tunnels, although there are no entrance and exit points within the schools. UNWRA strongly condemned the existence of such tunnels and stressed: „It is absolutely unacceptable that pupils and teachers are exposed to risks in this manner. Construction work and the existence of such tunnels are not compatible with the UN conditions which may not be breached.“ UNWRA decided to seal the tunnels. Hamas refuted the accusations and said that no resistance operations had taken place in the area.

For too long, UNWRA and its Commissary General Pierre Krähenbühl have been firmly shutting their eyes. It is much easier to accuse Israel, to lie and to attack objectives in Gaza without clear reason, than to look for the fault in their partner, the Hamas.

© esther scheiner, Israel

©Translation by Translation International, Herzliya, Israel


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