Shurat HaDin Conference: Law of War June 20th /21st 2016, Jerusalem – Part 3


MP Yair Lapid was already in 2012, when he ended his career as a journalist and entered politics, somehow controversial. With this spontaneous change he bypassed a new law, which advised journalists to maintain a waiting period of about one year, before moving into politics.

Picture: JPost

As a journalist, he was pleading for a constitution for Israel, for changing the electoral law, to reduce military expenses, to return the Golan to Syria and to withdraw to a bigger part from Yehuda and Shomron. These requests did not make him the darling of PM Netanyahu’s government. 2013 he started into politics with his new party “Yesh Atid” (there is a future), and achieved second biggest fraction. In the coalition government with Likud he served as Minister of Finance under PM Netanyahu, end 2014 the PM unseated him from his post. No he is in the opposition with 11 votes out of total 120. Yair is as before the white hope of those who believe in a modern Israel and not into a country pressed by religious politics.

In his rousing address, he stated:

“Today I wish to discuss with you about what the UNO has lost. Whenever its regarding Israel, the UNO lost everything, all capabilities, all logic and especially what once was important, the integrity. End of this March I was together with several 100 protestors in Geneva, wrapped in in the Israeli flag opposite the building of the human rights organization of the UNO, in Geneva. The UNHRC was just about debating again regarding Israel. A new resolution, against Israel. The UNO in its critique against Israel already passed legitimate boundaries. Critique against Israel became an alarming obsession. In the past ten years 61 (!) resolutions against the whole world passed, plus 67 (!) against Israel. Against a democratic country more resolutions were passed than against the rest of the world.”

Everyone following news knows it. Although it is alarming to be presented the countries with daily massacres and crimes against humanity: 400.000 victims in Syria, armed conflicts in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, China and Iran. However, Israel is the only country with a fixed place in the agenda of the UNHRC and the UNSC.

Certainly, the reason is that every claim submitted by the Palestinians has broad support by practically all Arabic-Islamic countries, which have the majority in the UNHRC and UNSC. Claims, which are evidentially from organizations which are sworn in to destroy Israel. Repeatedly objective investigations proved that these were made up claims without any realistic background. However, since long time ago the UNO is not interested in this fact.

In his address to the UNO Yair made it understood that Israel is confronted simultaneously with four Islamic terror organizations: ISIS, Hitzbollah, Hamas and Al Quaida.

Organizations, who are openly stating to murder Jews because of the only one reason, they are Jews. They receive logistical and financial support from the Iran. An UNO member who is stating, that their objective is to destroy an other UNO member: Israel. Every single lie presented by Hamas at the UNO is welcome, without scrutinizing it.

One of the resolutions dealt with again with the Golan, “occupied” by Israel. No single word, Yair said that just 200 meters behind the border between Israel and Syria the big massacres were already daily routine. Nonstop and merciless. A return of the fought for and conquered in 1967 Golan would present an enormous security problem. No word that Israel quietly and almost undiscovered by the world, thousands of war victims and sick people have been treated and cured in Israeli hospitals. Free of charge.

In a report Palestinians sued, that Israel is infecting its citizens with cancer, by injecting vaccinations. This infamous lie was not scrutinized, its validity not verified, no. However, it was published in an official UNO paper.

During and after the Gaza war 2014 pictures made by Hamas were published which are clearly manipulated by Photo Sop, in order to emphasize effects and credibility. Pictures with a scenery actually taken in Beirut (you may see it with the date of the actual publication). Again, the pictures were not verified but published world wide in an UNO report.


Yair went on, at the UNO headquarter in New York an exhibition is showing „The Palestinian refugee problem”. “If you check the statistics presented, you will notice, that 1948 about 700.000 Arabs were fleeing from Israel or have been exiled. Behind every number is a tragedy. However, remember that Israel was not the aggressor. The UNO was voting for the foundation of Israel and the answer was that seven Arab countries and the Arab inhabitants attacked the young state. The refugees believed the lies spread by Arabs, “when Israel looses the war all Jews will be murdered and you will receive their houses and land.” The war ended differently. Similar cases happened in a much larger extent world wide.”

Thanks to the UNWRA, especially founded for taking care of Palestinian refugees, the worldwide number of Palestinian refugees amounts to 5 million. No other group of refugees has its own UN-organization, this is unique. Also unique is that the status of a refugee is passed on from one to the next generation. No other person in this world is born as a refugee, this does not exist. Except if he is a Palestinian. The UNO changed the rules accordingly, regardless if the baby is born in a refugee camp in the Lebanon or in a Villa in Qatar. They are born in one country but receive the status of a refugee of an other country. What is the justification for this?

The UNO is a prisoner of its own system. Non-democratic nations are the overwhelming majority at the general assembly. Once an independent movement changed into an organization were 136 countries, mostly Islamic, are the majority. These countries destroyed the original objectives of the UNO and changed its action ability. They are the partner of the BDS-movement with its well-known goals. Instead of being the organization protecting freedom of humankind, liberal values, democracy and freedom, a part of the UNO decided for the contrary. They are collaborating with the fundamentalist Islam and with terror organizations such as Hamas and Hitzbollah.

“It is inacceptable that the UNO is abusing American money, American resources and American support for the support of propaganda campaigns aiming to destroy the Jewish State Israel.”

The majority of non-democratic states in various committees are ensuring a majority against Israel. Instead of serious debates regarding global problems, the UNO is disseminating anti-Semitic propaganda.

In view of these facts, the relative silence of the USA and Europe is disturbing. 22 % of the UNO-budget is paid by the USA, 65 % is covered by six states, the USA, Japan, France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy. However, where are their voices, clear and laud saying: “No, we do not want this to go on! We do not permit that this goes on!”

The UNO has been taken over already from inside by non-democratic countries. Now it is about time, that democratic countries reconquer it.



©esther scheiner, israel



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