Life turns wrong, when parents bury their children


On June 30th a 17 year old Palestinian entered forcibly a house in Kiryat Arba and stabbed a 13 years old girl in her bed.


Hallel with her mother

Hallel Yaffa Ariel had her whole life before herself, she was about making plans for summer vacations, to laugh and dance with friends, and possibly to fall in love for the first time. Arguing with brother, sister, and then embrace them full with love. Dreaming about America, her parent’s homeland. Even being upset about her parents, the rights of a 13 years old girl.

However, she must not rest in a cemetery, mourned by her family and friends, together with politicians, as it happened today.

The security guard alarmed by the IDF could not defend the girl. However, he followed the terrorist who wounded him severely but he managed to kill the terrorist.

Possibly Israel must again endure a flood of charges why it was necessary to kill the terrorist.

In the Austrian press, a commentator asks why the IDF is unable to shoot without killing. Most of the readers are ignorant regarding military and defensive actions. Including myself but I am known to be unaggressive. It is a matter of who will survive and a terrorist who survives will go on murdering.

Astonishingly the USA, Germany, the EU and GB condemned the terror attack vehemently. The Israeli ambassador to the UNO, Danny Danon, asked the UN Security Council to condemn this terrible murder and to end these ongoing incitements for murder.

Hallel Yaffas mother turned indirectly to the mother of the terrorist: „I raised my daughter to love and you raised your son to kill.”

While in Kiyat Arba tears do not stop flowing, in the hometown of the terrorist, merry festivities, go on without end. Well, next week the IDF will destroy the house of the terrorist, but his families has no further financial hardship. Their working permits will be revoked, but the family has now a carefree future, thanks to the financial support of the PA/PLO. A new house, larger and more beautiful and a school or a street named after the terrorist


© esther scheiner, israel



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