„Liyla and the shadows of war“


War is terrible. For everyone. War traumatizes. Volleys of rockets and bombs are terrible. It can hit anyone, babies and the aged. It hits especially innocents. Victims are unable to defend themselves, often just 15 seconds are left to arrive in a safe room.

Whoever tries to design a game out of it, passed not only the border of good taste but in my eyes, takes up the role of a warrior.

On the other hand, in this particular case, the role of a terrorist. Rasheed Abueideh, father of two, developed an App, which is offered in App Stores. I cannot call it a game, and then it does not follow a pedagogic purpose, but is purest Palestinian propaganda. He perceives his children representative for all victims of a war, initiated by Hamas. The App just shows, as it is usual with perfidious propaganda, one side of the situation, in this case the Israeli reaction of the previous bombing from Gaza to Israel.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-23 um 11.57.30

In the dramatically gray in gray landscape of Gaza, rockets and bombs from Israel threaten a little girl, which is desperately looking for shelter. This is the goal of the App, to let the girl arrive in a safe room. “In Gaza nobody is safe. Its not just a game, its realty and a cry for help.” This is the description of the developer.

Apple responded with some delay and removed the App from the “games” category, but did not block it completely. They are ready to move it into the category “news and reference books” provided the word “game” is removed.

Google Play are not as coy, there the App may be downloaded for customers above 18 years old.

At Twitter the advocatus diaboli may be found quickly. Naomi Clark writes:


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-23 um 11.37.04

The antirocket system has only one single purpose: to shoot down enemy bombs before they cause damage in our country. When watching App „Israeli Heroes“, it becomes clear that an entirely different purpose is followed. Here, children are explained why our “Iron Dome” helps us to survive.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-23 um 12.05.04

The virtual damage is already done, the Palestinian PR-Machine has, not for the first time, scored and received attention. Again, Israel is defamed as the aggressor.


©esther scheiner, israel




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