Zuckerberg, don’t kill us!


I love Facebook. Where else I would have the opportunity to communicate with old friends around the world, regardless of the time of the day and without any costs? Where else I could satisfy my curiosity, who did what when, where, why, with whom? Where else would I laugh at unintentionally funny postings? Or even at those with a tragicomic aspect? And, a real challenge of indulgence, because of the more or less silly adverts in-between the posts!

Facebook is free of charge and will be forever! That’s what the welcome page says. But there is still enough income to provide the owner of 60,1% of this social network platform a good life as everybody can read here.

Yesterday Zuckerberg was heading for Europe, to talk with his users, first in Barcelona and later on in Berlin. I am not sure, if a question about „Facebook and the incitement for Palestinian terror,“ has been asked.

Shurat HaDin took over the task – not for the first time – to unmask Facebook and to stop the incitement, which since the last wave of terror started October 2015, run throughout the pro-Palestinian accounts and made its way from there all over the web.



Zuckerberg took one step too much. Shortly after the horrifying attacks in Paris, in which 130 people were murdered and more then 352  have been wounded, some of them being in serious condition, we knew the terror attacks had been conducted by Islamists. At this time he posted in his own, private account:



Not a single word of regret for the victims, not a clear demarcation from the terrorists, no condemnation of the attack. Nothing but understanding and support for the Muslims and naive hope. Zuckerberg must be silly and blind, what I do not believe, or he is not able to classify the reality around him in a correct way, or with his sick mind he can not differentiate reality from wishful thinking.

We Israelis are fed up. We obviously can’t stop the UN from  supporting the Palestinian terror against Israel. We can’t stop Qatar from nourishing Hamas day by day. And we can’t force Europe and other countries to stop the never ending flow of money, which enables the terror. We can fight here, on the level of social media, against terror.

Following the abstract concerning the new project:


Zuckerberg, don’t kill us!

Putting an end to terrorist incitement against Jews on Facebook – a crowd funding project to place billboards in the California neighborhood of Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg

What’s the most effective way to murder Jews? The answer to this shocking question can be found on many Arabic Facebook pages: “spray the knife with anti-insect poison before stabbing” and other anatomic directions for more effective stabbings are being posted daily.

On countless other pages it is also very easy to find incitement to murder of Israelis and praises for Jew killers that become cultural heroes. For example, a 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist, Muhand Halabi, shared a post on his Facebook page stating that the third Intifada has just started and that the current war is a struggle for Al-Aqsa. A day later, Halabi stabbed Israelis Aharon Benita and Rabbi Nehemya Lavi z’’l. These are only some of the many examples of Facebook’s refusal to monitor its platform that permits such dangerous and incendiary content.

We at „Shurat Hadin“ have fought against incitement on Facebook for a long time. Recently we even sued Facebook on behalf of 20,000 Israelis for allowing incitement to violence on their platform. Today, Facebook has turned into the central online hub for incitement against Jews. Facebook refuses to take any meaningful action to confront this dire situation. Tens of thousands of requests to delete Palestinian posts that call for murder and terror against Jews were simply answered by Facebook with the following response: „Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community standards…we reviewed the page you reported for containing a credible threat of violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community standards.“

We simply cannot allow this to continue any longer. Jewish and Israeli blood will not continue to be spilled as a result of terrorist incitement on Facebook’s social media platform. We want to make sure to raise the public’s awareness of the calls to violence that are nurtured on Facebook. We need your help with placing billboards in Mark Zuckerberg’s neighborhood – in order to make it impossible for him to ignore the incitement that his platform enables. We will not allow him to close his eyes to the violent incitement against Jews. This campaign will also highlight to Zuckerberg and the public that Jewish blood is not cheap and that criminal incitement to murder on Facebook will not be permitted to continue.

The cost of 1 billboard is $30,000. Together, we will stop the incitement on Facebook. *In the event that billboard vendors refuse to publish our message on their billboards, we will publish print ads in California newspapers.










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