The ultimate mission to Israel 11/14




Nitsana Darshan-Leitner with her topic: „Taking the battle against Palestinian terrorist organizations, their leaders and financial patrons, to court.

Arab banks don’t hesitate to compensate generously with money bereaved families of successful martyrs. They are the real winners in each and every terror attack. The amount, monetary and ideological compensation, depends on the number of Jewish victims. Streets, schools, sport facilities are named after them.

Jewish victims do suffer for years, often decades, after such a terror attack. Till today there isn’t any financial compensation for them, none.

On a hot summer day, August 21st, 2001, at 2:00 pm, a Hamas terror gang carried out attacks first with a suicide bomb, followed with other bombs, in a busy pizza shop in the center of Jerusalem.

The restaurant was full with guests, mostly children and their mothers. 15 Jews were killed; one victim is more than a decade later still in a coma. More than 130, including passersby, were injured in various serious levels.

The Sbarro massacre was coordinated and carried out by the Hamas terror organization, Ramallah branch.

The bomb was built by Abdallah Jamal Barghouti the chief “engineer” of the Hamas infrastructure in the Judea. The bomb, filled with screws and nails to multiply the devastation, was assembled inside a guitar case carried by the terrorist. At his trial it became evident, that Marwan Barghouti – a prominent Palestinian Arab political figure (for both, his political and terror career) now serving several life sentences for murder – paid him $500 to build the bomb. This in addition to the $117,000 he received for his troubles, from Hamas. As escort and driver served Ahlam Tamimi, 20 years old, a Jordan citizen. For her part in this and other terror acts Tamimi was sentenced 16 life terms. 2011 she was released from prison exchanged in the context oft the Shalit deal. Today she lives in Jordan, celebrated as a hero.

An additional information: Ahlman Tamimi is a member of the well known Palestinian clan of “Shirley Temper”. The entire clan is financially well situated and supported by Amnesty International, and is most active in pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli propaganda, other supporters are B’tselem and Adalah.

One of our most urgent objectives was to freeze the money in the banks, which are doing business with terrorists, murderers and supporters. At the same time we wanted to succeed in exposing the dealings between global banks and terror organizations and to prevent new accounts to be opened for them. Today, word wide, there is no single serious bank to open new accounts for them. Actually in Gaza no banks are operating, money, waiting to be distributed, must be smuggled in suitcases.

Hamas was obliged to look for other banks, serving their purposes. And they found one, in Asia, the Bank of China, which decided, that Hamas is not a terror organization. Shurat HaDin opened a law case against this bank in New York, and won it. The damage for the bank was enormous. The Hamas accounts have been closed.

From 2012 two banks in Qatar and Turkey agreed to manage the US$ 100 millions, ready to be distributed. As Hamas is paying social benefits, homes, schools, food etc. to loyal inhabitants, they need a lot of money. Every fighter is paid, every detainee receives, as described before, between US$ 500 and US$ 2.000 per month.

During early summer of 2014, US$ 65.000 have been prepared, to abduct a soldier of the IDF and to remove all traces of the crime. The money was received from Gaza. Two pistols, two M16 and two cars where purchased. The plot was planned very detailed. But then, no soldier, who could be abducted, was at the scene. Instead three young men, youngsters, where taken. The well developed plan was executed in cold-blood, with only one difference: The three victims of the abduction have been murdered at once after the abduction. Their bodies have been found by IDF soldiers after 18 days. This excruciating act is one of the reasons for the operation „Protective edge“.

If there is no money available, Hamas is selling „family silver“: Ships, houses and properties.

A second, very prominent case was the successful effort to stop the second flotilla to Gaza. In 2010 some highly dramatic scenes took place on the flagship of the flotilla, Mavi Marmara. Soldiers of the IDF tried to take over the ship without violence but were faced all of a sudden with heavily armed activists. This confrontation resulted in the deaths of nine armed militants and serious injury to numerous Israeli soldiers. The widespread condemnation of Israel and the IDF damaged Israel and has not been ironed out till today.

In 2011 a second flotilla started its way, some ships where anchoring in Greece and waited for the others to arrive and sail on together to Gaza.

A repeated violent confrontation with IDF soldiers was to be expected, but there was a real concern that weapons, money and other contraband would be smuggled to Hamas terrorists in the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. Hamas is designated as a terrorist group by the US, the UK, Israel and the European Union!

The first action by Shurat Hadin was a letter to maritime insurance companies informing them, that by insuring sea vessels used by terrorists, their company will be liable for any future attacks carried out by those terrorists. Note, that a ship is not permitted to set sail without insurance cover!

Several of the companies, including Lloyds of London, responded that they would not insure any of the Flotilla boats, with the information provided in our warning letters.

The second action of Shurat HaDin’s was a legal warning to Inmarsat, a U.S. based satellite communications provider, that under U.S. law they will be open to legal charges of aiding and abetting terrorism if they provide services to these Gaza-bound ships. Inmarsat canceled their offer for services to Flotilla ships.

The last and crucial point for the failure oft the attempt was, that all ships, still anchoring in Greece, Alexandria was named as the harbor of call, gravely misleading the authorities.

On July 5, 2011, after the self-imposed Flotilla deadline expired, the international campaigners began to return home, citing various bureaucratic issues, including lack of insurance, and blaming Shurat HaDin for their difficulties.


© esther scheiner, israel 



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