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The faulty perception of the Middle East: the Palestinian cause, relations between the USA and Israel and demographic data

Yoram Ettinger
HE Yoram Ettinger

Yoram Ettinger, a previous ambassador of Israel in the USA, is a specialist for US strategies and for the policy in the Middle East. He is publishing regularly his columns in Israeli and American media and is as a competent interview partner available.

His fable in Aesop style (about 6. century B.C.E.)

Imagine this situation in a well known circus arena in the Roman empire: the gladiator, already doomed to die, enters the arena, which is still empty. He hears a screeching door behind him and knows, that his enemy, the lion, is entering the arena. And the lion as only one objective, which is to kill him. The plebs begins to jeer and whistle and demands blood.                                                                    The gladiator covers his eyes and is praying and suddenly realizes that around him it is quiet. He opens his eyes and sees the lion on the ground, with his giant paws covering his eyes. He asks the lion what he is doing and receives the astonishing answer: “I am praying and begging for mercy!”    


Europe has passed its zenith and will not exist in the form we know in the next 40-50 years. The old patriarchal Roman Law valid today will be replaced by the Sharia, a new unknown „culture“ will flood Europe. As we visit today a museum to discover our early and antique history, Europeans will visit museums to know about todays Europe.

Unfortunately we must assume, according to our experiences, that the takeover will be very bloody.

Yoram presents an other story:

 In the lamplight of a street light a man is searching the ground millimeter by millimeter. Carefully he is bending grass, turning every stone and scratching carefully the dust and sand. After some time an other man approaches him asking if he may help. The first man said he is searching his wallet he lost and thanks for the proposed help. Both are searching for a while until they decide that there is nothing to be found. In the dialog which followed, the second man asks „Think, where exactly you lost your wallet?” The first man aims behind him and says, „It was about 200 meters back.“, „But why are you searching it here?” „Because in the back its dark and here is more light, so I thought chances are better to search the wallet here.“

 Sometimes not the solutions which are obviously clear on the table, but those which must be developed painfully in the dark and unknown, are leading to the success.

Since 1993 (Oslo I Agreements) Palestinian Arabs in Yehudah and Shomron are oppressed and attacked by the terrorists of the PA. Palestinian Arabs who left full of hope the area of so called East-Jerusalem for Yehuda and Shomron returned after 1993 frustrated back to Jerusalem, about 250.000 people. Their dream of a garden Eden changed into a nightmare. Only a little clique of Palestinian Arabs are enjoying the chichi life in and around Ramallah.

In so called East-Jerusalem they found rest, personal freedom and human rights. As citizens of Jerusalem they enjoy all advantages of this city, which moves away from the so called camps into modern living quarters. The Israeli ID-card equals them in every respect to non-Arab citizens.

Between the years 1920 and about 1950 were many attacks of Arabs against Jews. The years until 1964 were relative quiet. In this year the PLO has been founded and its prime and declared objective was to destroy the Jewish State Israel. After 1967, one terror attack was followed by the next one.

The partial handover of self-government into Palestinian hands in 1993 did not bring, as hoped for, a chance for peace but on the contrary, it was heating up the fight against Israel. For a second chance, the previous PM Ariel Sharon was hoping, when he ordered the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. Immediately after the withdrawal and due to Hamas taking over the power, the bombarding of Israel with missiles and rockets began. Israel will face a similar situation if it pulls back completely from Yehudah and Shomron. A view on the borders shows the danger the Jewish State Israel is exposed to.

Unilateral abandonment of power and voluntary withdrawal caused again exactly the opposite on the other side: an increase in aggressions.

The „Arab Spring“ did not bring the promised results, a move to the better. On the contrary, it developed into a tsunami of the Middle East.

Comment: who is not afraid of heavy books I recommend the fiction of Frank Schätzing „Breaking news“, well researched, exiting and compelling.

© esther scheiner, israel



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