Questions of honor and good manners


A diplomat is a person who is using his natural talent to deal with other people in a polite and skilled way. It is also possible to be trained with these skills.

A diplomat is also a person, who is working as a representative of his homeland in an other country or with representatives of an other country in his homeland.On top of the diplomatic echelon is the Ambassador, titled His Excellency.

The Swiss ambassador in the Islamic Republic Iran on August 27th, 2015, invited about 500 Swiss industrialists for an information conference on future business of Swiss companies with Iran.

While showing the evil caricature to his audience he insisted that “this picture shows that now is the time to explore the (Iranian) market”.

Furthermore he, the Swiss ambassador to the Iran said, that “(Iran) is an anchor of stability in a very, very unstable region”.
While it was astonishing the rubbish and insult to both Israel and the USA this person, Giulio Haas, was saying, it was also astonishing the poor apology the Swiss Foreign Office (EDA) managed to squeeze out.

It must be noted, that the Swiss Foreign Office began its anti-Israeli attitude when FM Micheline Calmy Ray visited Iran for contracting natural gas for Switzerland.

Micheline Calmy Ray, 2008
Micheline Calmy Ray, 2008

Furthermore the Swiss Embassy in Iran is also representing the USA.

To my mind, it would be appropriate to sack such an incapable person from the diplomatic service.

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